About Us

DRU (Display Refrigerated Unit) started in 1988 with the goal to offer marketing and sales a new dimension for promoting refrigerated products. With the total freedom to offer your products with maximum visibility at any location within the point-of-sale, DRU International became the reference in the world of impulse display coolers.

Our coolers are used for the promotion of refrigerated and frozen products in a variety of sales channels such as petrol stations, supermarkets and convenience stores.

DRU International stands for progressive technology to minimize energy consumption. Our own Europe-based production facility has a fully equipped test lab to ensure the quality of our wide range of products. We pride ourselves on tailoring each one of our coolers perfectly to your products and the environment in which they will be presented to your customers.

DRU combines marketing know-how and refrigeration technology to offer you the one stop shop for your chilled and frozen marketing promotions and helps you to boost your sales.

At DRU, in other words, you are not just purchasing a cooler, but the guarantee that your products will be seen and sold in the best possible conditions. Step into our world and give your products the refrigerated presentation that they deserve. Our expertise, dedication and enthusiasm are part of the package.

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